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"Sea Rescue. 17th B-25 'Little Joe' crash landed in Ocean. Crew picked up by Navy PBY from their life rafts" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Rescuing the 'Little Joe' Crew. On July 13, a Photographic Reconnaissance B-25 named 'Little Joe' was shot down…
Preparing to launch their homemade raft that is basically three inflatable dragons tied together, team "H.H. GECKO" strategizes.
"May 1990 - Raft Race" A member of the Blues Brothers raft race team who appears to be Dick Stenard (center of image, wearing sunglasses and fedora), gets ready for the race. Dave Gilbert (wearing light colored pants) is standing near Stenard.
"May 7, 1988 - Raft Race" A raft race team who rented their inflatable "Riken" from "River Trails Rentals."
"May 1990 - Raft Race" Wearing shirts with Eastern Raft Race logos on them, this team went straight for the Challenger inflatable raft.
"Raft Race" It may not work all that well, but this was creative. A raft race team has tied two inflatable orcas to the front of a children's wading pool. Other teams can be seen around their rafts in the background.
"Raft Race" Two teams, both in inflatable rafts, and both pulling with oars, race down the Grande Ronde River. All team members are wearing life vests.
"Raft Race" Four young men wearing life vests row an inflatable raft with oars. The logo, "Tildon's River Tours" is printed on the side of the raft.
"Raft Race" Four young men wearing life vests row an inflatable raft with oars.
"Raft Race" This is one of three inflatable dragons that make up the raft for team H.H. GECKO. There is some sort of lizard taped to the dragon's head, and a young man is standing next to the raft.
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