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"US Army vehicle approaching the raft - Ferry approach - to be poled across the river - going South from Vigan area"

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"At the raft / ferry waiting area, banana sellers converged on each newly arriving vehicle with the plea: 'please, sir, buy my bananas -"

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"An elderly Filipino lady waits patiently for a ride across the river"

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"At the raft / ferry crossing - a waiting truck and an empty raft - No 55 gal drum pontoons - just big bamboo - For ox carts etc. 3 rafts carrying trucks in distance"

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"At the raft / ferry crossing below the destroyed bridge - 6 x 6 Army truck. Note truck trafts had empty 55 gal drums for extra buoyancy. 9 polers on down-stream side - one on the upstream side"

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"7 of the raft polers - on the raft that took us across - note they are all bare footed - The river between Binmaley and Vigan - below the destroyed bridge"

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"A pedestrian raft - no empty 55 gal drums and only 4 polers. At the river crossing between Binmaley and Vigan - Luzon"

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"Good shot of an Army 6 x 6 truck being poled across the river by 8 men - between Vigan and Binmaley"

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"Fruit peddlers at Alba River crossing - Luzon"

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"Poled raft ferry across Alba River - Northern Luzon"

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