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"May 1983" Dressed for the day, a student catches a nap in between classes.
Two images of young women socializing in one of the dorm rooms. .001 - [Appears to be:] Margie Shumway (1st), [appears to be:] Lorraine Kadosaki (2nd). .002 - [Appears to be:] Lorraine Kadosaki.
"P.R. [Public Relations] - Residence Hall, Campus Live-In, West Dorion" Three young women study in their dorm room.
"September 1990" Five images taken in the occupied dorm rooms in Dorion Hall.
"10/1985 - Campus candids" Five images of Hunt Hall residents socializing.
"11/1985 - Dorion Hall" A young woman relaxes at the desk in her dorm.
"1953-54 - Dorion, Hunt Hall 'A' Section" Four young women socialize and read letters together in one of the dorm rooms of Dorion Dormitory, the women's dormitory.
"1950-59 - Student Life" Five young women gather around the bed in one of the women's dormitory rooms. Three of the young ladies are actually sitting on the bed, one is on the floor, and one is seated at a desk. The woman in the middle of the group…
"Dorion Hall Roomies, Amelia Jossi, Carol Banish, Ida "Mac" McCullough, Probably 1945 (Still war time)" Two young women lie on bunkbeds. The woman in the top bunk is reading a book, and the woman in the bottom bunk appears to be writing a letter to…
"Student Life, Hunt Hall 'A' Section" A young woman sits on a bed looking at a book while another young woman sits at a desk in the corner reading a book. An EOC pennant hangs on the wall, as well as antlers with EOC stuck on them.
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