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A man, and two women riding side-saddle have stopped their horses in front of "J.D. McKennon Groceries."
"Cove Ave. - Could be Davis' Chalmers"
"Cove, Oregon street scene - circa 1910 - D. [Dunham] Wright Hotel pointed out on print. [Dunham Wright owned the hotel, which was also called the Cove Hotel.] Confectionery / Bakery located across the street from the hotel."
"Fair View Farm - Cove Ave. La Grande - To C.D. Huffman & Son Dr. - C.D. Huffman was Fred Hill's grandfather"
"19. L.D.S. Recreation Hall - La Grande, Oregon - 1929+/-"
"The C.D. Huffman Farm on Cove, Ave., La Grande, OR - 1918 - The barn, garage on left, woodshed right"
"C.D. Huffman's Farm on Cove, Avenue., La Grande, OR - actual owner of the threshing machinery unknown - perhaps 1910"
"Stacking hay - C.D. Huffman farm - Cove, Ave. La Grande"
"Looking East from Huffman's house - Cove Avenue - As of 2011, Mansard Roof house still there"
"1911 - From Huffman house on Cove Ave. looking West - Steinback house on right" "West orchard"
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