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"Gilbert's House Drawing" This is an artist's sketch of the President's house. The artist has filled in the evergreens in the front yard as to give them a photo-like appearance.
"The President's House" This picture of the President's house is taken from the bottom of a set of stairs looking up at the house.
"President's House" This is a picture of the President's house taken in winter. The house is white and two large evergreens grow on either side of it. A stone retaining wall in front helps to level the yard.
"7/3/1991 - President's garage with tree" - three images
"September 1990 - President's Party" - eight images .001 - Foreground from left to right: Dave Gilbert (6th), Leroy Damewood (7th, in profile). .002 - Johnannes Spronk (right side, facing). .003 - From right to left: Tom Dimond (3rd, back to camera),…
"1989" Twenty-three images taken during a reception at the President's house. 89091 .001 - Doug Oleson (in profile). .002 - Doug Campbell (direct center of image). .003 - Dixie Lund (in profile). .004 - Sally Wiens (left). .005 - Jim Hottois (left,…
"1989" Seven images taken during a dinner at President Dave Gilbert's house. .001 - Saichi Oba (left end). .002 - Jack Schut (nearest table, facing, 2nd in from the left). .003 - Dave Gilbert (middle, right side of table, in profile). .004 - Standing…
"1989 - Continuing Education" - two images .003 - From left to right: Debbie Lee (2nd), Susan Daniel (4th). .004 - From right to left: Debbie Lee (1st), Susan Daniel (2nd).
"1989 - Continuing Education" Those who have been identified are: From left to right: Debbie Lee (2nd), Susan Daniel (4th).
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