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  • Collection: Regional Historical Collection
"Margaret E. Hutchinson from Union, Oregon"
"Mrs. Gertrude Mitchell Thomas of Portland and Union, Oregon."
"Miss O'Dale of Union, Oregon and California."
"Mrs. John (Mamie) Atkinson of Portland, Oregon"
"Mrs. Bellini Kinney Crosby (Mrs. Magnus Charles Crosby, Sr.) of Astoria and Portland, Oregon - about 1880-1890." [It is likely that Miss Margaret "Maggie" J. Bell was a sister of Mrs. Bellini Crosby.]

"Mrs. Lasley"
"Miss Addie Holmes French - Cove, Oregon"
"Promise M. Phillips Carper, age 19 yrs. 3 mos. and 9 days. First white baby born in 'Promise Land' [Wallowa County] - circa 1915 [Her clothing suggests earlier, possibly closer to 1900.]"
"Clara Rumelhart - circa 1885-1890"
A professional portrait of an unidentified woman.
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