Local History: Gangloff Wayside Park

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Local History: Gangloff Wayside Park


Gangloff Wayside Park

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1924 Gangloff Park Dedication 01
From left to right: Anna Boomer, Mary Conrad, Henrietta Foley Bouvy, Mary Johanna Bouvy ("Joan"), Anna Juliuis Roesch, Johanna Kratz Gangloff, and Cassie McLeod.

1924 Gangloff Park Dedication 02
From left to right: Anna Juluis Roesch, Johanna Kratz Gangloff, Mary Teresa Gangloff Foley, and [either] Ben Brown [or] Dunham Wright.

Gangloff Family, Four Generations
From left to right: Henrietta Foley Bouvy, Johanna Kratz Gangloff, Teresa Gangloff Foley, and Mary Johanna "Joan" Bouvy (the child)

Gangloff Family Home
An image of the Gangloff family home, which was situated just below the monument at Gangloff Park in La Grande.

Gangloff Family Photo
A picture of the Gangloff family with two children from a local church.

From left to right: Johanna Kratz Gangloff, Jerome E. Foley, Mary Teresa Foley, Maud Newman, Michel Newman, and Augustine Gangloff.
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