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"Sugar beet factory [refinery] under construction, La Grande, Oregon - 1898."
"Sugar Beet Factory - La Grande, Oregon - 1910+/-" From Peare Collection information: "La Grande, Oregon - Amalgamated Sugar Co. (originally, Oregon Sugar Co.) Building begun in 1898." Written on back of photograph: Capacity - 40 tons of granulated…
"Sugar beet factory [refinery], La Grande, Oregon - 1899-1909."
"Sugar beet factory [refinery], La Grande, Oregon - 1899-1909. Nine wagons and teams are lined up on the dock unloading sugar beets."
"Sugar Beet Mill - La Grande, OR - 1929+/-"
"Sugar beet factory [refinery] interior, La Grande, Oregon - 1899-1909. View of machinery used for extraction of sugar from sugar beets."
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