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"Cove Hotel, circa 1900"
Cove, Oregon residential street scene in winter - circa 1905-10. [Image most likely taken by photographer, Mae Stearns.]
"Elgin Scenes 1920-1925"
"Sample of a well kept home - date or place unknown - probably 1920 era Elgin, OR - Etha Huffman Hill - 130 size camera"
"J.T. Galloway home in Elgin, Oregon - fall of 1905 to fall of 1909. Previously owned by W.I. Dishman. [The same house, painted a lighter color and from a slightly different angle, is pictured in 2010.15.00646]
"Grandma Emaline Harris residence - 1891. Chas Harris, Mrs. Emaline Harris, Mrs. Wheeler (Harris?). Fme & Taylor Liveries in rear - 1897. Evelyn Hallgarth residence - 1965."
From Bernal Hug's "History of Elgin, Oregon" (page 82) "picture no. 55 - The McNaughton House after 20 years. (At this time it was occupied by Rev. Willis.)"
A couple stand in front of their home in La Grande, Oregon. The gentleman is holding a newspaper and appears to be the same man who is in image 2010.2.1676.
"F.A. Leavitt's residence - circa 1888"
"Sarah & Dena?"
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