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"Feb. 1912 - Log house, Starkey area"
"Sample of a well kept home - date or place unknown - probably 1920 era Elgin, OR - Etha Huffman Hill - 130 size camera"
"Sarah & Dena?"
From Bernal Hug's "History of Elgin, Oregon" (page 82) "picture no. 55 - The McNaughton House after 20 years. (At this time it was occupied by Rev. Willis.)"
"J.T. Galloway home in Elgin, Oregon - fall of 1905 to fall of 1909. Previously owned by W.I. Dishman. [The same house, painted a lighter color and from a slightly different angle, is pictured in 2010.15.00646]
"La Grande - Corner of Depot and Washington Street, circa 1890. Looking N.W. Blue Mt. Hotel on left (occupies site of present Elk's Lodge). Porch of Sommer Hotel visible at extreme right."
"Grandma Emaline Harris residence - 1891. Chas Harris, Mrs. Emaline Harris, Mrs. Wheeler (Harris?). Fme & Taylor Liveries in rear - 1897. Evelyn Hallgarth residence - 1965."
"La Grande, Oregon street scene - circa 1886. Residential area on Fourth Street looking southwest." [People may be members of Leavitt family.]
"Frank Shallenburger and family - Sumpter, Oregon - 1908"
"F.A. Leavitt's residence - circa 1888"
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