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"Community stadium" Four images of Jim Lundy (left) receiving a donation check towards the construction of a new community stadium.

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"11/26/1991 - Foundation Board Meeting" Six images of Foundation Board members and Administration socializing and having refreshments after the meeting. 91003 .001 - Dick Stenard (left edge, in profile, partial), Dave Gilbert (right, in profile).…

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"11/26/1991 - Foundation Board Meeting" - ten images 91003 .003 - From closest to furthest: Front row: Jim Lundy (1st, in profile), Doc Savage (3rd, in profile), Sally Wiens (4th, in profile). 2nd row: [Appears to be:] Neva Neill (in profile), Mary…

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"1/18/1991 - Foundation donors in Loso: The Endowment for the Arts has been established as a permanent and growing fund in the Eastern Oregon State College Foundation. This fund will perpetuate the arts on the campus and, therefore, throughout our…

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"May 1990 - Mountaineer Classic" Jack Earnest prepares to drive the ball down the course.

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"May 1990 - Mountaineer Classic" Jack Earnest sizes up his drive.

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"1990" Thirty-one images of people touring Loso Hall as construction on the building nears completion. [Appearing in these images, but not always specifically identified: Ester Badgley, Glen Bates, Dave Gilbert, Bill Hermann, Jim Lundy, Mary Jane…

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"1990" Thirteen images taken at a luncheon set up in the new Loso Hall. [Probably held in conjunction with one of the dedications following the opening of the building.] .001 - H. Fisk (left), Melba Fisk (right). .002 - Mary Jane Loso (left end).…

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"1990" Forty-five images taken during a reception following the dedication ceremony for Loso Hall. 90053 .013 - Ester Badgley (left), Wilma Easley (right, in profile). .018 - Ester Badgley (left end). 90054 .001 - Ester Badgley (2nd in from right).…

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