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  • Collection: Eastern Oregon University Historical Photographs
"Built by Billy Namitlim's father. Marsh Davis built the wheel." "1st saw mill in Wallowa. - Mr. Evans"
"Built by Billy Namitlim('s) father. Marsh Davis built the wheel. - Chamberlain" "1st saw mill in Wallowa. - Mr. Evans"
The three valves on a trumpet.

"Leaping Bronze, 5' high - Al Goldsby"

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"Steels Mountain MFS" A man and woman are at the very top of Steels Mountain. They are pointing at the valley below and the distant horizon.
An old silo.
"Cool, clear waters of Frazier Lake are a favorite with many anglers who come to the alpine heights of the Wallowa mountains in northeastern Oregon, seeking gamey trout who rise to the fly. Forests in the background find precarious footholds on rocky…
"Head of Wallowa Lake in old days. A cabin at the head of Wallowa Lake is almost lost in the background as dead trees stand stark against the canyon background. Cabin was typical of the first constructed at 'The Lake' by summertime visitors."

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"Blue Lake" With a small amount of snow still on them, the Blue Mountains stand tall above Blue Lake. There are rocks and evergreens around the lake. [Also, note the small circular ripple near the bottom left corner. Curious.]

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"Inching into the Metric System."


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