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Two locomotives, #2700 and Union Pacific 5-M-L, have suffered a head-on collision. Automobiles line the highway next to the railroad tracks as employees work to clear away the wreckage.
"1923 - Aerial view of La Grande, Oregon with Mt. Emily in the background."
"+/-1923 - No. 41 airplane view of La Grande, Oregon with Mt. Emily in the background." [postcard]
"War surplus Curtiss JN-4 'Jenny' training plane near Enterprise, Oregon (Wallowa County) - circa 1920."
"This picture is of (left to right) Art Weigle, Frank Bay, Nate Zweifel and Claude Mackey. The man in the background was a Presbyterian minister. The rabbits were for a feast to be held in the Foley Hotel. At the feast they boiled the rabbits until…
"Photo of two children, a dog and her three puppies." Written on back of postcard: "Merry Christmas to Doctors Riley's from Fay and Billy - Dec. 25, 1913"

"Two bear cubs by a wooden fence."
"Tope Creek area, 10 miles north of Wallowa - circa 1915." A bear is walking through a lodgepole thicket while three men watch from the background.
"Lostine, Oregon (Wallowa County) - Freight team wagons belonging to Bill Hunter's jerk line outfit pulled up in front of the M. Crow General Store and Blacksmith Shop."
"Informal portrait of the Hulse children, two boys and two girls, in the front yard of their home with the family dogs - about 1905."
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