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"April 14, 1979 - EOSC Regional Conference, Junior and Senior High School Teachers" A regional conference is held in Hoke Hall in 1979 with good attendance. At the far end of the room, one man is standing, presumably speaking to the crowd. Zabel Hall…
"Continuing Education" A young woman takes her turn in the people-sized gyroscope. Zabel Hall is visible in the background.
"October 1989 - Alumni" A group of women and children follow an elderly lady as she walks across campus. Gronek Amphitheater and Zabel Hall appear in the background.
Eastern Oregon assistant football coach, Jack Lane. Zabel Hall is visible in the background.
Wearing their uniforms, EOSC football players mingle on the grass near Inlow Hall where they will have their team picture taken. Head Coach Jerry Howell can be seen in the middle of the photo in a dark colored polo shirt walking behind an…
The ball can be seen just barely leaving the hand of an EOSC football player, probably the quarterback. His teammates are blocking for him as the opposing team members attempt to get close enough to tackle him. A referee is at the far left of the…
Wearing an "Eastern Oregon" uniform tank shirt, and darker colored shorts, a track athlete is starting to show the strain on his face as he runs on the track. A partial view of Zabel Hall is slightly out of focus in the background.
"Clubs and Organizations" Wearing mostly athletic attire, a group of young men play a game of soccer. Zabel Hall is visible in the background, and between it and the players, cars and a commercial bus are parked in the lot.
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