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"1987-88, Fall - Athletic Schedule" - two images
Wearing their uniforms, three cross runners stop to talk before or after their run. Western and Eastern Oregon are both represented, as well as a third school that cannot be identified from this angle.
Three images of the track and cross country team, wearing their uniforms and posing in three rows. From left to right in the front row: Don Stearns (1st), Anne O'Leary (4th). Coach Gary Feasel is on the left end of the second row.
Two images of members of the Cross Country team posing with Coach Gary Feasel and their NAIA plaque and winner's ribbons. .002 - Lonnie Hinde (right).
"Fall term - Cross Country Team - [Gary] Feasel"
"Fall term - Cross Country Team" - eight images
"Fall term - Cross Country Team" Three images of Coach Gary Feasel (back row, left end) posing with the cross country team.
"Cross Country" EOC cross country runners, Doug Douthit and Kirk Wade prepare to take off for a run. They are wearing their uniforms.
"Cross Country" EOC cross country coach, Gary Feasel goes over some pointers with runner, Tim Smith.
"Cross Country - From left to right: Gary Purpura, Greg Letts, Tim Smith, Doug Douthit, Kirk Wade, Lowell Stacey, and Lonnie Hinde" - three images
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