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"10/1990 - Alumni X-Country Run" Gary Feasel fires the starter's pistol to begin the alumni run. Don Stearns is the runner out in front at the direct middle of the image. He is wearing shorts.
"Cross Country" EOC cross country runner, Gary Purpura prepares to take off for a run. He is wearing his uniform.
Wearing an "Eastern Oregon" track uniform, an unidentified young man shows the strain on his face as he runs.
"Gary Feasel, Coach" This is an informal portrait of EOC track and cross country coach, Gary Feasel. He is wearing an E.O.C. sports jacket.
Wearing their uniforms, the "EOCE" track and cross country teams pose together in three rows. Those who have been identified are from left to right: Back row, standind: Head Coach Roy Tatum (1st), Weldon "Bud" Lewis (4th), Jerry Baxter (8th). Middle…
Wearing a track sweatsuit, and a paisley hankerchief as a headband, an athlete stretches his muscles prior to running.
Wearing "Western Oregon," "Eastern Oregon," and "Linfield" tank shirts, three cross country runners compete against each other. They are running on a paved path, and the runner in the middle is wearing white gloves.
"September 1980"
Cross country runner, Don Stearns.
Wearing an "Eastern Oregon" uniform tank shirt, a cross country runner is running next to a pennant marked sideline.
"October 1980 - Gary Feasel, Track Coach" Competing runners are monitored from the sideline by Coach Gary Feasel.
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