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"1992 - X-Country" Two "EASTERN OREGON" young women run on the track in the EOSC Stadium. A large crowd of fans watches from the stadium seating in the background.
"1992 - X-Country: Janet Bownes w/ Tony DeAugustine & Rich Wiebe, Homecoming"
"1992 - X-Country" A young woman with blonde hair runs ahead of the pack in her "EASTERN OREGON" cross country uniform.
"1992 - X-Country" Running with the pack are a number of "EASTERN OREGON," uniform wearing, cross country team members. This looks like a competition with another school.
"1992 - X-Country" Running by several vehicles, including and old van are three young women in "EASTERN OREGON" cross country uniforms. Two men at the left of the picture watch the upcoming runners.
"1992 - X-Country" Wearing their "EASTERN OREGON" cross country uniforms, several young women run along the outer perimeter of the baseball field where a game is in progress. At the very top right, fans are watching the game from the bleachers
"1992 - X-Country" Wearing their "EASTERN OREGON" cross country uniforms, two young men run on the grass across campus.
"1992 - X-Country" Wearing a fanny pack and a long sleeved T-shirt with the words, "CROSS COUNTRY" down the sleeve, a sweating young man joins fans in the bleachers.
"1992 - X-Country" The 1992 cross country team poses with their coach.
"1992 - X-Country" Ahead of a number of other runners, an "EASTERN OREGON" cross country team member runs through a forest area.
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