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"October 1980" Coach Gary Feasel fires off a starter's pistol as young women stand poised along the starting line to take off. The competition pits cross country team members from EOSC against their counterparts at North Powder and Whitman.

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"10/1991 - X-Country: Marty Doyle, Mike Murphy, Tim Vandeivlught (front, right), Rich Wiebe (back, left)"

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"1992, Spring - Mike Murphy"

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"1989 - Cross Country Team"

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"10/5/1991 - Cross Country Willamette Invitational at Treasure Valley: Dawn Cubbes"

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"10/5/1991 - Cross Country Willamette Invitational at Treasure Valley: Mike Murphy, Marty Doyle"

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"1991 - Rich Wiebe, X-Country"

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"10/13/1981 - Don Stearns, X-Country"

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"10/1990 - Alumni X-Country Run" Gary Feasel fires the starter's pistol to begin the alumni run. Don Stearns is the runner out in front at the direct middle of the image. He is wearing shorts.

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"Cross Country" EOC cross country runner, Gary Purpura prepares to take off for a run. He is wearing his uniform.

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