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Three images of a couple and then two young women walking in the track area of campus. An individual in both separate parties gestures at the camera person.
"June 1988 - Awards Assembly" Three images of administration, faculty, and guests walking towards the entrance of Inlow Hall as they head in for the Awards Assembly. .013 - Dave Gilbert (front, waving), Jim Lundy (left, wearing necktie). .014 - Jim…
"5/1988 - Senior staff" - ten images .001-.003 - From left to right: Jack Schut, Jim Lundy, Dick Stenard, Jim Hottois, Dave Gilbert. .004-.005 - Dick Stenard (left), Jim Hottois (right). .006 - Dick Stenard (left), Dave Gilbert (right). .007-.010 -…
"7/1986" An image of Dave Gilbert waving as he walks outdoors.
"4/1984" An image of Professor Katsuyui Sakamoto.
Two unidentified young women hug two boys in front of a picket fence. There is a plume of smoke in the background. [This appears to be the area in or near La Grande, Oregon.]
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