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"Sunday afternoon entertainment in Maxville, (Wallowa County) Oregon - 1923." Wearing what appears to be a wig under a hat and a fake mustache, one man points a six-shooter pistol at another man who seems to have a face mask on. He has his hands up,…
"Lostine, Oregon (Wallowa County) - Freight team wagons belonging to Bill Hunter's jerk line outfit pulled up in front of the M. Crow General Store and Blacksmith Shop."
"No. 140 The Overland Mail (stagecoach pulled by a 4-horse team). Behind the stagecoach, the Enterprise Hotel is under construction - 1902."
"The Snuffer boys with a team of horses - Maxville, Oregon - June 1923. Company woodcutters for Bowman-Hicks."
Collage of portraits of the individual members of the Joseph Concert Band and scenic pictures of the Joseph, Oregon area. Written on photograph: "The Joseph Concert Band played at Portland's World's Fair, Lewis & Clark Exposition, 1905." Band members…
"Building in Lostine, Oregon - Wallowa County Real Estate Agency office - Upstairs was used as school house. Before 1902. Was moved in 1902 and became [M.] Crow's [General] Store. Is still in use [no date given] as Cowes Store. Left to right: Unknown
"Barn at Sled Springs, Oregon (Wallowa County) - circa 1912"

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"Old Ballpark just across river, east of Wallowa, c. 1908." Wearing their uniforms, two teams pose on the rudimentary, wood bleachers. "Lostine Team: Harley Fleenor, Roy Haun, Charles (Charlie) Birdwell, Raleigh Goodman, Arch Willett, Prof. O.M.…
"'Airing the blankets' at Maxville, (Wallowa County) Oregon - 1924."
"Dale N. Estes home - Troy, Oregon (Wallowa County) - circa 1910"

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