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"A transcient covered wagon on a Model T Ford chassis - Stopped at 'Blackie's' Veltex gas station in the middle of Elgin - 1936"
"July 4th 1908 Elgin, Oreg. - Parade - looking North"
Spectators line both sides of the main dirt road in Elgin, Oregon to watch a parade.
Parade floats pass between crowds of people lined up on both sides of the road.
A gentleman rides in a carriage pulled by a single horse.
Three women ride in a carriage pulled by a team of dark colored horses. A man watches from behind a fence at the left, and a dog runs alongside the carriage at the right.
"Etha Huffman negative in front of C.D. Huffman home on Cove Ave. La Grande American Baptist Publication Society - Bibles and Testaments - Colportage Wagon No. 5"
"American Baptist Colportage Wagon #5 in front of C.D. Huffman home on Cove Ave. - Photographed by Etha Huffman"
"La Grande? What church?"
"La Grande Flouring Mill Co. on Willow Street and East M - date unknown"
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