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"Ads from Stock Show Programs - 1925 W.J. Townley Cattle Sale Verna's programs before donated to County Museum"
"1913 & 1915 Ads from Union Stock Show Programs - J.W. Spencer, Prop."
"W.A. Elmer's Thrasher - Buffalo-Pitts Co. Thrasher - 1910 - on M.S. Rush Place, High Valley, Oregon"
"La Grande, Ore. - W.H. Bohnenkamp Co. - Granada Theatre - Roy Rogers & Trigger in 'Sons of Arizona' - Gabby Hayes - Dale Evans - Selected Shorts & News"
"Henry W. Moeller Construction Co. - Baker City, Oregon - 1912/13"
"1907 - Waiting on the train - The sign on the Depot building seems to say Elgin 8.6 miles - If this were the case, it must be Imbler - That is about the right distance"
"1907 - Dressed for travel" Sign on building reads: "Western Union Telegraph"
"Old O.W.R.& N. Depot, La Grande, Ore. - 1890" [Judging by the automobile and truck that appear in this picture, it is likely that "1890" refers to the year the depot was built. Date from accompanying photograph marks the year as 1930.]
"New O.W.R.& N. Depot, La Grande, Ore. - December 27, 1930"
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