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"VOLLEYBALL The four classes in volleyball staged a most active tournament with the three o'clock class winning high honors. Endball was played in rainy weather, but finals were not played." [Photo appears in the 1930 EONS Catalog.]
"1955-56 Volleyball, Boys P.E" Two volleyball nets are strung across the Ackerman Gymnasium and boys P.E. classes have formed up teams on both sides. All the young men are wearing shorts and T-shirts, with the exception of one who is shirtless.
"1955-56 - WRA (Women's Recreation Association) play night volleyball" - WRA ran intramural volleyball before Eastern had a women's volleyball team.
"Gold and Blue Volleyball - Pam Walker [left], Kelly Preston [right], Kathy Wilson [bottom]." [The team photo that this image was cropped from appears in the 1971 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 152.]
"1972 - Girls Volleyball" - twenty-two images
"1972 - Girls Volleyball" - two images .012 - Coach Jean Neely (right side of door).
"1972 - Girls Volleyball" - two images
"1972 - Girls Volleyball" Two images of the volleyball team with Coach Jean Neely standing in back, second in from the right.
On opposite sides of the net, an EOSC women's volleyball player is going head to head with an opposing team member. There is a referee on either end of the net, and the one on this end is standing on a desk. The scoreboard is visible on the wall in…
Five images taken during a volleyball game.
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