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"The Glenn and Woodward Families cross[ed] the plains from Iowa in 1859. The Tolbert Glenns settled near Summerville where they reared four sons and four daughters. This was the first cabin [in] Summerville, built by "Grandmother" Myers' father -…
"Distant view of a Sumpter Valley Railway train on a hillside. - circa 1910-1915"
"La Grande Catholic Church, Our Lady of the Valley, under construction - 1914"
"La Grande Catholic Church Rectory - Our Lady of the Valley" [Construction on the church began in 1914, and the rectory is newly completed here, so 1915+.]
"Sarah Jane Reeves Findley - Born October 25, 1842 - Carrolltown, Missouri. Crossed plains 1852. Family to mines in southern Oregon 1853, were there during Rogue River Indian War. Father and two brothers served as volunteers at time. She is said to…
"Sumpter Valley R.R. Station at Prarie City Oregon" "No. 7 Sumpter Valley R.R. Depot - Prairie City, Ore.
"Sumpter Valley Railway - circa 1910-1915" Passengers stand at the railing of the rear passenger car.
"10/5/1991 - Cross Country Willamette Invitational at Treasure Valley: Dawn Cubbes"
"10/5/1991 - Cross Country Willamette Invitational at Treasure Valley: Mike Murphy, Marty Doyle"
"Dennis Oliver, #82 - Dennis again played the position of end for the Mounties. He received many awards and letters playing for Pine Valley Union High at Halfway, Oregon before coming to EOC." [Photo appears in the 1962 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 30.]
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