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"Rinehart Village and Flouring Mills, Union Co. OR" Enclosed on a piece of paper: "Chapter VI, An artists sketch shows the bustling little village of Rinehart in Northern Union County early in its history. There were homes, a flouring mill and the…
"Mar. 1912. Crowds looking at Elk passing on way to Joseph. Elgin, in Union County, was the last stop before the train entered Wallowa County. The sign at the depot tells travellers it is 62.9 miles to Joseph. There was snow on the ground when the…
"October 14-15, 1977 - Octoberfest"
The Union County League of Women Voters booth at the October Festival.
"October 13, 1978 - October Festival"
The Union County League of Women Voters' booth at Octoberfest.
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