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"November 1978 - U.S. Flag"

"September 1979"
A flag with the "E" for Eastern on it is run up the flagpole under the American flag. The pole was located in the middle of a circular drive out in front of Inlow Hall.
"February 4, 1980 - EOSC Basketball home game [against Oregon Tech]" EOSC won, 73-66.
"February 4, 1980 - EOSC Basketball home game [against Oregon Tech]"
After the game, the teams shake hands and head off court. EOSC won, 73-66.
"March 12, 1980 - Energy Awareness Day"
President Rodney Briggs speaks to the assembled, visiting students.
"May 14, 1980" An image of the Imnaha School playground area. EOSC professor, Doyle Slater demonstrates how to use stilts for some of the children while others play on the swings and slide. [Elizabeth Langmon - Named as appearing in this series of…
"October 1980" A series of images of three young women riding horses and bearing flags while leading the homecoming parade procession.
"November 17, 1980" A series of images of the scoreboard in Quinn Coliseum. The scores reflect the 1980 Alumni Basketball Game with one taken during the game, and the final score reading: "Home 116 - Visitor 61."
"1/16/1981" Fourteen action shot images from a women's basketball game. Identified players are: #12 - Kim Patterson, #14 - Susan Howard, #15 - Barb Dieker, #23 - Val Shean, and #25 - Kathy Hoxie. #13, #21 and #22 have not been identified.
"03/17/1981" Six images of the 1981 women's basketball team posing together with their unidentified coach. From left to right: Coach, #13, #15 - Barb Dieker, #25 - Kathy Hoxie, #14 - Susan Howard, #23 - Val Shean, #21, #12 - Kim Patterson.
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