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"Flora School - 1973 - May have been taken about the time the school was closed." [Although, at the time the picture was taken in 1973, the U.S. flag was flying above the school, and the building still appeared to be in good shape.]
"Fourth of July celebration - Union, Oregon - July 4, 1889. A large crowd of people are gathered on the balconies and in front of the Centennial Hotel."
"22. 7th Annual Cherry Fair - Aug. 15, 1917 - Cove, Oregon. King Bing and Queen Ann, with Attendants. The king is Archie Antles and the queen is Byrle Conley. They were both about six years of age."
"Bowman Hicks yard - Wallowa - #2 Shay - Mutt Anderson
The interior of a church's chapel where the altar area as been decorated with an abundance of flowers. [Note: The American flag hanging on the wall behind the altar has 44 stars.] [The two small banners on the wall to each side of the flag read:…
"Flora School - Photo of all girls wearing white dresses with sashes, hats with a large star on them, and holding small American flags."
"Woodsmen of the World Convention - 1900 - Salt Lake, Utah"
"Mrs. Harriett Hendershott, knitting. Wife of Hon. James Hendershott of Hendershott's Point near the Cove. She, together with Mrs. Harriett Lewis [2010.15.00113] sewed the first American flag in Union County in 1863, for a 4th of July celebration.…
"Jack Peare, La Grande, Oregon watchmaker, posing with Irish rugby team, which he was a member of - circa 1888 or 1889" Written on back of photograph: "Jack O'hilan, Esq." Written on shirts: "C.A.A.
"Mrs. Harriett Lewis of Union, seamstress. She, together with Mrs. Harriett Hendershott [2010.15.00141] sewed the first American flag in Union County in 1863, for a 4th of July celebration. Instructions for hand-coloring of photograph: dress, blue
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