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"1/1987 - Art" Using a long, hollow tube and a tool for shaping, a student is working on a piece of blown glass. An old refridgerator is visible in the background.
"March 6, 1976 - Open House"
Art professor, Tom Dimond (wearing headband) demonstrates glass sculpting techniques during the campus Open House.
"February 18, 1978 - Open House"
During the Open House, art professor, Tom Dimond demonstrates the steps for glass sculpting.
"November 1978 - Tom Dimond - Glass Sculpting"
"November 1978 - Tom Dimond - Glass Blowing"
"December 1978 - Visiting glass blower"
"December 1979 - Art Students" Students sculpting art out of glass.
"1/1987 - Art" A series of images of a couple of artists working on their glass sculpting projects while various people watch the procedures.
An art student uses special shears to cut away excess glass from the piece he is sculpting.
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