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"3/1985 - Ackerman" This is a picture of the front of Ackerman School taken from far enough back that the brickwork in the sidewalk is visible.
"Week of April 26, 1976 - Ackerman Courtyard"
The Ackerman Elementary School courtyard playground. The courtyard is cemented in, and students have parked their bicycles in the bicycle racks, some of which were made out of wood.
"Ackerman Laboratory School" This is a picture of Ackerman School taken from a ways down the campus walkway that runs out from the front of the building. Large, leafy trees obscure most of the building's facade. Students can be seen walking in theā€¦
"1938 - E.O.N.S. Interior courtyard of Ackerman Elementary School, No. 8"
"1938 - E.O.N.S. Ackerman, No. 9" This is a picture of the interior courtyard located in the Ackerman School between the main building and the gymnasium.
"1938 - E.O.N.S. Training school, No. 5"
"1938 - E.O.N.S. Ackerman Elementary School, No. 6"
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