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The scene is a couple getting married. They stand before a minister, while people watch from seats on wooden chairs. The chairs are set in two sections with an aisle down the middle. To the right, six men and two women also view the ceremony. The…
"Aerial shot of Baguio Luzon - the 'summer capital' of the Philippines"
"Aerial shot of Baguio area Luzon. Japanese settlement - one building with hospital Red Cross on roof"
"Terraced rice fields near a sizeable community of homes along a river - plus a large, 2 story complex gov't or university"
"North Luzon Coastal Village with a long warf into the bay. A non combat grab shot by a 17th Photo gunner en route home from a mission. No details were recorded"
[Photocopy of a page from "A Tour of Union County" which was written in 1882 by D.H. Stearns.] Depicts: "Meacham's Summit of the Blue Mts," "Changing Horses at Midnight," and the largest drawing is of "Old Town, La Grande, Oregon."
"Main road between 17th tactical Recon. Sqdn camp site and down town Binmaley. Cathedral bell tower in distance. Luzon"
"La Grande, 1887. Looking north on 4th Street from the brow of a hill. Mt. Emily is in the background. The Episcopal Church in the center foreground had just been moved from Old Town, La Grande. The flagpole behind the church is on City Hall which…
"La Grande, Oregon - circa 1900"
"La Grande, Oregon - circa 1900 - Overview of Old Town, La Grande from the hill above Deal Canyon."
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