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"Eastern Oregon Livestock Show parade - June 1940"
"4326. Street Scene - La Grande, Ore."
"La Grande, OR Street scenes - Sacajawea Hotel - Red Cross Drug Store - Granada Theatre - Les Kimbrall - Angel's Hat Blocking"
"Adams Ave., La Grande, Ore. - Before J.C. Penney Store was built between Granada & Bohnenkamp - but after 1929 (Ford)"
"A Mr. Foley (Foley Hotel) in front of a great crowd of people [children] - A musician in background - On Adams Ave. in front of what became the 'State' Theatre"
"La Grande Arcarde Theatre - Cast of 'The Elk's Tooth' on stage and in costume - October 6-7, 1913"
"Children's Performance" Burl Ross and Elizabeth Page, Oregon Mime Theatre, Visitor"
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