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"Mrs. Katherine L. Robbins Smith" Marriage announcement, newspaper clipping attached to the back of the photograph reads: "Cards are out announcing the marriage of Mr. Hubert B. Smith and Mrs. Katherine L. Robbins at The Dalles, [Oregon] May 12,…

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"Frank P. Childers, August 5, 1858 - February 27, 1915. Wearing City Marshall uniform in portrait, circa late 1890's. Came to Grande Ronde Valley with his parents in 1865, at age of seven. City Marshall from circa 1895-1900, also Deputy Marshall and…

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"The Blue Front Saloon, La Grande, Oregon. E. Thorson, proprietor. December 15, 1902." Five gentlemen stand on a boardwalk out in front of The Blue Front Saloon. [Note: The photographer's camera case is sitting at the far left near the facade.]

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"The Mint Saloon interior - J.B. Thorson in front of bar - C.L. Mellquist behind the bar - circa 1890's" [Note: The many spittoons along the footrail in front of bar.] [Labeled here as being in La Grande. However, Fred Hill places The Mint Saloon in…

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"The Glover Family - George, Ray, and Mrs. Glover - of Union and Astoria, Oregon."

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"La Grande Arcarde Theatre - Cast of 'The Elk's Tooth' on stage and in costume - October 6-7, 1913"

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"The storefront of The Golden Rule Co. in the Huntington Block, La Grande, Oregon - before 1910."

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"Cracker Summit Group of Mines [Bourne, Oregon] - circa 1901-1903. Shows the locations of 'Mining claims of the Cracker Eagle Gold Mining Co.' These include: The Mother Lode, North Star, Telegraph, War Eagle and the Cracker Oregon Gold Mill and…

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"California Mill and Mines - Cable Cove mining district [Baker County] - circa 1901-1903." Locations for the following are written on the photograph: "Oregon King, California Mill, Herculean, Standard, Black Dwarf, The Miner, California Mines Tunnel…

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"Tent occupants! sign - Dobodura" Sign reads: "The Rainblows Inn - F/Sgt Rixham, T/Sgt Porreca, S/Sgt Lake, S/Sgt Baril" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Tent Frames and Fine Addresses. Before traditional planed lumber (dunnage) became available from ship…

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