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"Nurse Program" Young women work together at a long counter in a lab. Another group sits at a table to the left and studies from their textbooks.
"1989" Wearing an "Eastern" sweatshirt, a young man studies at a table in Pierce Library. A sign in the background reads, "The Year of the Reader, 1987."
"3/1986" This is an unidentified woman walking on a campus sidewalk near the white sculpture in front of Zabel Hall.
Wearing a cowboy hat and boots, a student sits in Hoke Hall and studies. He has a booklet lying open on his lap, and he is using a calculator. There is a full cup of coffee on the table near him.
A young woman takes a nap at one of the stone picnic tables on campus. Sitting on the bench next to her is a purse, a textbook and a papersack with a jack-o-lantern on it.
Professor Jim Kearns (left side of image, back to camera) conducts a class that is going on around two long tables that have been pushed together.
"March 31, 1980 - Bookstore shots"
Students shop in the campus bookstore.
"November 1980" A series of images from what appears to be an instructional seminar. A slide projector has been set up, and an instructor at the head of the classroom is referring to a textbook that she is holding up.
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