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"Winston Purvine, Director of Oregon Tech, Speaker" This is an informal portrait of Winston Purvine wearing a dark colored blazer, a white dress shirt, a black tie with white stripes, and eyeglasses. There are papers on the desk in front of him, and…
"February 4, 1980 - EOSC Basketball home game" The stands are full of basketball fans. A Mountie Power banner hangs at the right. The game was against Oregon Tech, and EOSC won, 73-66.
An "Eastern Oregon" basketball player, #15 attempts to loft a basket while an opposing "Montana Tech" team member tries to block the shot.
An "Eastern Oregon" basketball player, #15 is up in the air attempting to shoot a basket. Several of his teammates surround him, as well as an opposing "Montana Tech" team member.
"February 4, 1980 - EOSC Basketball home game [against Oregon Tech]" EOSC won, 73-66.
"February 4, 1980 - EOSC Basketball home game [against Oregon Tech]"
After the game, the teams shake hands and head off court. EOSC won, 73-66.
"2/4/1982 - Women's Basketball - EOSC vs. Oregon Tech, Won 60-52" - sixteen images [The players who have been identified are: #12 - Kim Patterson, #13 - Tammy Eckert, and #14 - Susan Howard.]
"1988 - Women's Basketball" Twenty-eight action images taken during a women's basketball game against Oregon Tech.
"September 22, 1990 - Oregon Tech" - four images
"September 22, 1990 - Oregon Tech" Head coach, Orson Christensen (right edge, in profile) coaches the team in a game against Oregon Tech.
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