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"B-24 #9982 Taxiing - Shark face nose art - Mindoro probably" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Taxiing Bomber. The nose of the Liberator in the 320th Squadron [was] painted with a shark's mouth. This was known as the 'Moby Dick' squadron." ("Darkroom…
"Jap Envoy Betty bombers taxiing at Ie Shima"
"Jap Betty Bomber taxiing at Ie Shima Aug 19 1945 bringing delegates from Tokyo"
"1 or two Japanese Betty Bombers - white with green crosses - which delivered Jap envoy to Ie Shima to be transferred to US C-54 for long flight to Manila"
"Japanese 'Betty' Bomber painted white with green crosses as per Gen MacArthur's instructions"
"Crowd of US Soldiers around the two Jap Betty Bombers - a US B-24 taxies by"
"P-51 taxiing through water puddle - Source: friend of Ed's Groton Con." Printed on negative: "150G 548RTS '51 F-51 Taxis Through Puddle"
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