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"Fort Lewis Inspection - The General sits at a table in enlisted men's mess" "Surprised a diner at an Enlisted Men's Mess hall"
"Tent interior of the Photo Section men (+Peters). Taken by Van Reimer" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Mildew and Letters. A.J. Countryman, Bernardo and Reimer write letters in their 20' x 20' Binmaley home. By this point, as Hill wrote to Martha, 'Every…
"Low level view of conference table in Priest's area at the big Catholic Church in (blank) Note legs are on a plank all around chairs must straddle" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Detail: Nara Wood Table. Calasiao church wardens gave Hill a tour of the…
"8-16-73 Table Top Mt. Fire" Smoke from Table Top Mt. billows above the hills and Dorion Hall.
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