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"Sugar beet factory [refinery] under construction, La Grande, Oregon - 1898."
"Sugar beet factory [refinery], La Grande, Oregon - 1899-1909. Nine wagons and teams are lined up on the dock unloading sugar beets."
"Sugar beet factory [refinery], La Grande, Oregon - 1899-1909."
"Sugar beet factory [refinery] interior, La Grande, Oregon - 1899-1909. View of machinery used for extraction of sugar from sugar beets."
"Sugar Beet Factory - La Grande, Oregon - 1910+/-" From Peare Collection information: "La Grande, Oregon - Amalgamated Sugar Co. (originally, Oregon Sugar Co.) Building begun in 1898." Written on back of photograph: Capacity - 40 tons of granulated…
"Sugar Mill building with heavy tractors parked along side - Somewhere on Mindoro"
"Sugar Mill building area on Mindoro - some abandoned steam traction engines" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Abandoned Steam Tractors. After the Japanese invasion of Mindoro in February, 1942, operations apparently stopped at the Mindoro Sugar Cane…
"Sugar Mill buildings" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Mill and Warehouse. In 1908, Americans bought the 55,000 acre estate of San Jose and set up the Mindoro Sugar Company. After years of Filipino protests against U.S. ownership, the company sold to…
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