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"May 1990 - Student Awards" A man wearing a dark colored jacket over a white dress shirt and striped tie stands at a podium with an attached microphone. He is holding a plaque with an attached pen in his left hand, and he is shaking hands with theā€¦
"May 1990 - Student Awards" Two young women face each other while they pass a plaque with an attached pen between them. The woman on the left is wearing a striped, collared shirt, and the woman on the right has on a floral patterned dress.
"May 1990 - Student Awards" Two women embrace behind a podium. The woman facing the camera has on a light colored dress, and the woman with her back to the camera is wearing a suit jacket.
"June 6, 1991 - Student Awards: Doug Mollett, External Degree Program"
"1956-61 Student Awards" [The gentleman in the picture appears to be Professor Charles Quaintance.]
"1956-57 Student Awards" From right to left: Boyd Devin
"1956-57 Student Awards" A man who appears to be Dick Hiatt shakes hands with Roberta Miller as she and two other students receive theatre awards.
"1956-61 Student Awards" A woman who appears to be Professor Sarah Stein (on the right) is holding up a trophy with a young woman. Two young men stand on either side of them looking at the trophy.
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