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"Student Council: First row - Verdell Ragsdale, Naideen Huffman, Jack Hodgen, John Densley. Second row - Robert Dexter, Lynn Anderson, Miss Mildred Pierce, Mr. John Miller, J.B. Conoway"
"1953, Spring - World Student Service Fund Drive Chairmen" The three chairmen for the fund drive pose next to their poster which shows the progress being made.
"Student Union Committee: Marcia McPherson, Ladd McGowan, Gene Holt, Skip Gregory. (Not pictured: Dick Cook and Gail Fisher.)" [A similar photo appears in the 1960 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 89.]
"EOSC Hoke College Center (Student Center)" - three images
"EOSC Hoke College Center (Student Center)" - three images .004 - Building materials for the construction of Zabel Hall (foreground, left), Hoke Building (background, right side). .005 - Zabel Hall construction site (foreground, bottom of picture),…
Three images of an EOSC employee, Michael (Mike) Daugherty, working at a desk in the Student Activities office. [The woman in the background also appears in 2012.2.xx152.004]
Two images of an unidentified EOSC employee working at a desk in the Student Activities office. [The same woman appears in the background of 2012.2.xx152.016]
"September 18, 1975"
The sign out in front of Hoke Hall reads: "Hoke College Center, The Beacon, Bookstore, Food Service, Recreation Room, Student Activities, Office of Student Development, Student Government, Student Information Center"
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