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"1932 Members of the Social Committee Dance" Amidst numerous, decorated, Christmas trees, including one very tall one, couples dressed in formal wear dance. On a stage in the background, a band plays.

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"1932+/- Christmas dance put on by the members of the Social Committee" Wearing formal attire, a couple dances together. More couples dancing can be seen in the background, and streamers decorate the back wall.

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"1949" An entire vehicle has been covered in evergreen branches. The banner on the side of the float reads, "Know Eastern Oregon." There are two young men riding up top, and one riding on the back. The float is passing in front of the Granada theater…

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"1949 Homecoming Parade" A truck has been decorated to resemble an Eastern Oregon forest is stopped in front of Ackerman Elementary School. A banner on the side reads, "Know Eastern Oregon." [Photo appears in the 1950 Mountaineer yearbook, "Hands…

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"1949 - Welcome '29, '39, '49 - EAX [Sigma Alpha Chi]" A convertible automobile is decorated with streamers and a "Welcome" banner. Members of the Sigma Alpha Chi honorary society, ride in it with the top down. The 1929, 1939, and 1949 year…

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"1949 - Sabers" A convertible automobile is decorated with balloons and streamers, and there is a saber painted on the door.

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"1949" A flatbed truck has been decorated into a float for a parade. There is a miniature model of the women's dormitory on the roof of the truck's cab. Three young women are on the float.

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"1949-50 Dad's Day" Senator Austin Dunn is the guest speaker at the Dad's Day dinner. [Photo appears in the 1950 Mountaineer yearbook, "Dad's Day" section.]

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"1949-50 Dad's Day - Sigma Alpha Chi and Theta Delta Phi luncheon." At the closest table, Professor Joe Gaiser is on the left end, and wearing a hat, Professor Amanda Zabel is on the right end. [Photo appears in the 1950 Mountaineer yearbook, "Dad's…

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