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"1954-55 Jr. Prom - Mr. & Mrs. [Barbara] Royce Chadwick" The married couple pose together at Junior Prom.
"1953-54 Jr. Prom - Bob Peskale, Dr. [Martha] Addy" A Professor at EOCE, Dr. Martha Addy takes time to stop and talk with EOCE student, Bob Peskale at Junior Prom.
"1954-55 Jr. Prom - Jo Ann Glenn, Jim Weisman" Wearing formal attire, Jo Ann [Joanne?] Glenn and Jim Weisman [Wiseman?], pose together at Junior Prom.
A man and a woman stand at microphone up on a stage. He appears to be reading off of a piece of paper he is holding. Red, white, and blue streamers decorate several areas around them, and there is also a line of potted flowers at the front of theā€¦
"1932+/- Christmas dance put on by the members of the Social Committee" Wearing formal attire, a couple dances together. More couples dancing can be seen in the background, and streamers decorate the back wall.
"10/1985 - Octoberfest" Festival folk dancers invite alumni and guests to join in on the dancing.
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