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"Very early store interiors - Union County Cities - Huddleston's Hardware Store - North Powder, OR" Sign reads: "Terms Cash"
"Hall Bros. Store Exterior - Union"
"Rufus Wright's Hdwe Store - Union - From Left to Right: Eugene Reuter, Willie Knight, Unidentified, Lewis Bidler, Ruff Wright"
"Billy Rahns Store, Millican Ore. - U.S. Post Office - '39 Dodge in picture"
"Pittsburgh Paint Store - 111 Elm St. La Grande, OR - 1930"
"Sego milk & Del Monte [Libby's?] canned pumpkin - sponsor giant pumpkin pie - Nile Graham - Art Sanders - 1940"
"Sego milk and Libby['s] [Del Monte?] canned pumpkin - Promotional huge pie at Nile's Food Store, Elgin - Spring 1940"
"Very early Elgin main street looking North - [1905, per Hug's book]" "From Bernal Hug's book, 'History of Elgin, Oregon' (page 105, picture no. 75) Street View, Elgin, Ore. - ....buildings for a block each way from Front Street. However, most new…
"Hill Hardware Store - Elgine OR - about 1930"
"Hill Hardware Store interior 1930 Elgin, OR - Albert Rasmussen & Lynn Hill"
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