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"Informal portrait of the Hulse children, two boys and two girls, in the front yard of their home with the family dogs - about 1905."

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"Henry and Joe Hulse - May 16, 1906" Written on back of photoraph: "When in the blues just look at us."

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"Wallace J. Lisle - xmas 1916 - 9 years old"

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"Ray Glover of Union and Astoria, Oregon."

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"Interior of St. Johns Episcopal Church of Union, Oregon."

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"No. 18 Presbyterian Church, Wallowa, Ore. - circa 1912" [Also identified as the United Methodist Church.]

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"La Grande, Oregon High School [Junior High, 1972] - circa 1912. A view of the statue and fountain that sat in front of the school. The fountain consisted of a statue of two children holding an umbrella with a pool at the base."

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"Rectory of Ascension Church, Cove, Oregon - built in 1876 - photo taken, circa 1940"

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"No. 2 City Hall & Opera House, Elgin, Ore."

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"Knights of Columbus of Oregon convention - Salem, Oregon - circa 1920's - J. (Jack) H. Peare in photograph"

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