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"8/7/1991" Seven images of students outdoors on campus. .001 - Loso Hall (background). .005 - White sculpture (background). .007-.008 - White sculpture (background). .013 - Loso Hall (background).
"1/23/1991 - Foreign student scholarships" - two images
"9/3/1990 - Football" - four images 90109 [Hoke Hall outdoor patio] .005 - From left to right: Cedric Samples, #7
"September 1990" Nine images taken during the BBQ opening the new school year. .015 - Mike Daugherty (right end). .024 - Closest group: Peggy Anderson (left, in profile), Mike Daugherty (middle, back to camera), Alan Davis (right, in profile).
"10/1990 - Seniors" Three images of from left to right: Front: John Pinto, #44
"1990 - Arnold Hoepker" - two images
"1990" Eighteen images taken during the dedication of the building ceremony for the new Loso Hall. 90054 .024 - Mary Jane Loso (at podium), Tom Bartlett (left, partial). .025 - From left to right: Tom Bartlett (1st), Mary Jane Loso (2nd), Jim Hottois…
"1990" Six images of a class being conducted outdoors. A professor lectures to students who are sitting on the front staircase of the newly constructed Loso Hall.
"1990" Two images of students and parents heading out of Inlow Hall to brave the wet conditions and tour the campus during the Open House.
"1990" Seven images of two young women studying outdoors at one of the campus picnic tables. The newly constructed Loso Hall provides the background.
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