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"10/17/1975 - Octoberfest German Club Dancers"
The following names were included with the image, but did not specifically identify any of the subjects: "Ellen Porter, Cam MacGinnis, Dave Turner, Kim Ihander, and Marti Fashee [or Forshee]." The…

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"October 24-25, 1975 - Octoberfest"
One of the participants in the October Festival. He is dressed in a Germanic costume, and he is holding a pipe and beer stein in his hands. Hoke Hall is visible in the background.

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"October 24-25, 1975 - Octoberfest"
EOSC president, Rodney Briggs (left), poses for a picture with Dorothy Winters (right).

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"October 1980" Three images of the La Grande and EOSC dignitaries being introduced and then riding in an open convertible in the homecoming parade. 80097 .010 - Ed Forshee (driving), EOSC Student Council President Jan Lingous Sproul (front seat, not…

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"10/1982 - October Folk Festival" - fourteen images 82092 .017 - Group in right side foreground: Mike Daugherty (left, in profile), Jim Lundy (middle, back to camera). 82093 .002 - John Jambura (1st table, suit coat and necktie). .013 - Yvonne Tagge…

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"October 1989" Twenty-four images of the officials presiding over Homecoming and October Festival activities posing together and making speeches. 89105 .008-.010 - Ground level from left to right: Dave Gilbert (2nd), Glen Bates (3rd), Leen Inghels…

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"10/1990 - Oktoberfest" Ten images of the officials presiding over Homecoming and Oktoberfest activities. .001 - Floor level from right to left: Kelly Yenser (1st, in profile), Dave Gilbert (3rd, in profile), Leen Inghels (4th), Terral Schut (6th, in…

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