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"February 6, 1956 - Mrs. E.B. MacNaughton, Oregon State Board of Higher Education" This is a portrait of Mrs. MacNaughton wearing a dark colored suit, a strand of pearls, pearl earrings and eyeglasses.
"Dignitaries visiting EOC" Visiting dignitaries are being shown the architectual drawing for the planned new college coliseum by EOC president, Frank B. Bennett (left end). The gentleman with a dark mustache who is standing next to him was the…
"Susan and Ancil H. Payne, State Board of Higher Education" Three images of Evensong Queen, Susan (Sue) Strong, posing with Ancil H. Payne.
"1970 Graduation" Three images of the faculty walking in a procession towards Quinn Coliseum where the graduation ceremonies will be held. xx044 .008 - "Dr. Rempel and Dr. Easley led the faculty procession through the ranks of seniors toward the…
"May 1974 - State Board" - twenty-one images .001 - William [Bill] McLean (left), [appears to be:] Robert Pike (right). .002 - Rodney Briggs (foreground). Background: Enno Klammer (left), Ted Brown (visible between Rodney and the woman he is talking…
"November 1977 - Foundation annual meeting / banquet - Jeanette Baum"
"April 1978 - Campus Plan - [Seated from left to right:] Jane Carpenter, Al Batiste, Roy Lieuallen, Greg Moore"
"May 19, 1979 - Birthday Banquet"
Identified in this image: Jim Petersen (background, left side end).
"May 19, 1979 - Birthday Banquet"
Jan Keffer (standing) is one of the distinguished speakers at the college's 50th Birthday Banquet. Chancellor Roy Lieuallen [or Lieuellen] is also pictured here on the right (seated).
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