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"6/1987 - Awards Assembly" An image taken at the reception that followed the Awards Assembly. In the foreground, Mike Hermens is on the left, and Nancy Youlden is on the right.
"1/25/1986 - Casino Night" Students get into the Las Vegas spirit by wearing nice dresses and tuxes to Casino Night in Hoke Hall.
"5/1985 - Hoke" Three images of students relaxing and talking in the Hoke Hall main lounge.
"2/1985" An image of people climbing the spiral staircase in Hoke Hall.
"June 1980 Graduation - Dr. Harvey Bennett, Faculty" Wearing his graduation robes and sunglasses, Harvey Bennett enjoys a beverage in the main lounge of Hoke Hall where refreshments are served after graduation. The spiral staircase is visible behind…
"February 18, 1978 - Open House - Health Survey"
During the Open House, Nurse Connie Covert checks a student's blood pressure at the health survey table.
"February 18, 1978 - Open House"
During the Open House, William [Bill] McLean answers a student's questions at one of the information tables.
"November 1978 - Campus Lounge"
The main lounge area in Hoke Hall with the spiral staircase that went up to the next floor.
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