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"April 14, 1979 - EOSC Regional Conference, Junior and Senior High School Teachers" A regional conference is held in Hoke Hall in 1979 with good attendance. At the far end of the room, one man is standing, presumably speaking to the crowd. Zabel Hall…
"Cabell - Board of Higher Education, Speaker" This is an informal portrait of board member, Cabell. He is wearing a tweed blazer, white dress shirt and striped necktie.
"Baker - Board Member - EOC Visiting Speaker" This is a portrait of board member, Baker wearing a plaid blazer, a white dress shirt and a patterned necktie.
"2/20/1991 - Racial Bias Forum: Speaker and Alumnus Louis Byrd"
"2/20/1991 - Racial Bias Forum: Kevin Parks [left], Speaker and Alumnus Louis Byrd [right]"
"September 10, 1978 - Rural Leaders Development School Opening Dinner"
The two gentlemen who will speak at the dinner are being introduced here. They are seated at the facing table: Oregon Governor Tom McCall (left), and EOSC President Rodney Briggs…
"May 19, 1979 - Birthday Banquet"
Jan Keffer (standing) is one of the distinguished speakers at the college's 50th Birthday Banquet. Chancellor Roy Lieuallen [or Lieuellen] is also pictured here on the right (seated).
"May 2, 1980 - IALAC (I am Lovable and Capable)" An image of a conference or meeting, largely made up of women, on the "IALAC" concept.
"6/2/1981" Three images of English professor, George Venn giving a reading at a podium with a microphone.
"2/20/1991 - Racial Bias Forum: Speaker and Alumnus Louis Byrd [left end]" - three images
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