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"1932 Members of the Social Committee Dance" Amidst numerous, decorated, Christmas trees, including one very tall one, couples dressed in formal wear dance. On a stage in the background, a band plays.
"1932+/- Christmas dance put on by the members of the Social Committee" Wearing formal attire, a couple dances together. More couples dancing can be seen in the background, and streamers decorate the back wall.
"1949-50 Dad's Day" [Photo appears in the 1950 Mountaineer yearbook, "Dad's Day" section.]
"Sept. 10-11, 1976 - Grande Ronde Mini College"
Diane Stone (3rd in from the left, in profile), orders a glass of wine during a wine and cheese tasting social held in Hoke Hall.
"April 14-16, 1977 - State High School Speech Tournament - Amy Cruikshank, Impromptu / Extemporaneous (Bend High School, Bend, OR)
"December 1978 - Ted Brown's Social Studies Methods class"
Professor Brown (standing) films a discussion panel during his class.
"December 1978 - Ted Brown's Social Studies Methods class"
"May 1982 - Micronesian Dancers entertain at Ice Cream Social, Spring Festival"
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