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"The Cathedral at Binmaley - Japanese were using it to store ammunition - It was shelled by US Navy ships in Lingayen Gulf"

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"Interior of the bombed Cathedral at Binmaley, Luzon"

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"View of church bell tower through the destroyed roof of the church at Binmaley on the Lingayen Gulf. Choir loft bannister shows at bottom"

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"Cathedral bell tower as seen through hole in the roof at Binmaley Luzon. Choir loft railing inside foreground"

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"The statue of Mary in the Cathedral at San Carlos - Luzon" Appears to be an error on sleeve, as Hill describes this exact statue in "Darkroom Soldier": "Tried the figure of the Virgin holding a headless Christ child, but it is in the most difficult…

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"The Manila Hotel on the waterfront - Manila Bay"

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"Manila - Institute of X ray and Radium Therapy"

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A heavily damaged building in Manila.

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Partially damaged, this business in Manila appears to be open.

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This alcove has been blocked off by rubble.

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